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In the screw-back earring was invented, allowing women without pierced ears to wear earrings. This is a great article on vintage jewelry. Get automatic updates to this blog via e-mail! Vintage s jewelry findings including guard chains and ring guards. Also the band looks like one side is gold attached, curled around to the other side of bottom of collet, horoscope and attached.

But I do not know what it is for. Common examples are made of brass, enameled or painted base metal, or silver-plated base metal. Original tube hinge at opposite end not shown. An essential reference for any jewelry owner. Modern safety catch on opposite end.

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. The narrator said not all are marked. Caroline's Jewelry with a Past. Only when I cleaned it did I realize it was silver.

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Great info and well written. Some are simple like the lever safety in Fig. However are three items in my collection that I have no idea about. Thank you for your consideration.

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If a brownish black mark line is left, then it is jet. Really interesting video - well done. Coro also made Duettes with small double-pronged clips especially during the s, how to start but there was some carryover into the s as with the Coro angel birthstone pieces like the one shown here. Very helpful and well written.

Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. They feel like they are made of hardened glass or ceramic. To give you an idea of time both my Grandmas were born in the late s and died during the s so your article is so helpful.

Tongue and groove catch still being used in the s. All items are subject to prior sale. What is Vintage Jewelry Hardware?

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Your information is very good for me as a beginner in her sixties. These small parts are easily replaced with ones of false or higher karat markings. Were can I go that someone may know about it. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. Pin stems, screw-back earrings findings, safety and plain catches.

  • It's very informative-I'm just learning about the artists and their distinct talents.
  • This was a more sturdy and secure fastener, as the wire was secured with a hook at the bottom of the earring.
  • Any info you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

How to Identify and Date Old Brooch Styles

How to Date a Brooch
Dating Brooch Fasteners - 1850 to 1910
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Wider link bracelets set with stones would often have fancy decorated box clasps. Unique Vintage Jewelry Bracelet Clasps Vintage and Antique Necklace Clasps As with bracelets, commonly used vintage necklace clasps include ring clasps, foldover clasps, and box clasps. Up until the s all earrings were made for pierced ears. Thank you again Christine for sharing your well researched useful information with us.

The jewelry is very beautiful! Exclusively Wholesale, Edition Vintage jewelry findings including snap catches for neck clasps and bracelets. Great piece, i like the different sample for vintage jewelry that you included I ike antique jewelry and has several old pieces, hookup oahu and looking to add more to my coection. Have you seen this before?

Pieces incorporating the earlier style also have a tube-shaped hinge for the pin stem, and sometimes the point of the pin stem will extend beyond the edge of the brooch. Pins, hinges, catches and other non-decorative pieces such as jump rings, latches, etc. Many pins of this period may also extend that same distance beyond the edge of the brooch itself Fig. Again, this drawing shows the different types of clasps used on brooches or pins with the approximate date as to when they first appeared.

Clue 1 Fittings and Findings for Earrings

If you bring this to a jeweler, they may be able to date the piece based on the marks. They are thin metal flowers and the other a simple circle. It is one of the very few things she had left that he gave her, so I would like to have it restored.

Dating Brooch Fasteners - to

Sometimes the original clasp may have got broken and been replaced at a later date, or of course, the whole necklace could have been re-strung at some time, which confuses the issue of dating. Dating Brooch Fasteners - to One of the best ways to avoid reproductions and fakes is to know and understand how originals are made. Is this a brooch or a pendant? Such units could be attached to the brooch in one step.

Tongue and groove catch circa s. Your article is the first one I've seen on the web which actually helped me. Use color to guess the time period.

This jewelry is visually identifiable because of the Irish motifs. This uses the patent shown at the right. Today, jet is in the seams of the cliff walls on which the town is built. They can be found made of precious metals and gemstones as well as costume jewelry examples. These single pieces were mostly made for repair work.


The sister hook clasp was popular in the s and s. The back piece has an opening for the front piece to go in thus securing it better. Be sure to base your evaluation on a thorough inspection of the entire piece. Your picture was the only one I have been able to find that looks like the clasp on my bracelet! Charlotte's Favorite Place.

Each end fits onto the ends of a necklace and the barrels slide up and down the chain, allowing for different lengths. Glad you found the article useful. It is only marked with a number I can't find anything about this cross and I do not see anything similar Hope someone can help! Reproductions are rarely made the same as originals due to changes in materials, labor costs and modern production techniques.

5 Easy Clues for Dating Antique or Vintage Jewelry

They remind me of some Japanese prints. Often oval shaped, the long hook was inserted and locked into place. These marks can also make a tremendous difference on the value and collectability of the jewelry. Note separate tube soldered to pin. Your posts are very informative.

This type of catch was not very secure because the pin could slip out of the C. Modern catches used since around are mass produced by machine. Most round hinges came as part of a per-assembled unit that included the hinge, catch and pin. To share this article, use the share buttons below. It is a double-pronged mechanism that was widely used in the late s through the s, although there was some lingering use in the s.

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  2. However, they are covered with the most intricate beautiful minute coloured flower patterns on both sides, around the edges and even into the holes at both ends of each one.
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