Hook up kc lights, how to install your own driving lights

Hook up kc lights

Each emits a different type of light. Many years ago, I was driving late at night on a rural country road in very thick fog. The last terminal on the switch connects to the power source. Use lock ties to secure all wires. You must not use regular lights in combination with fog lights.

Do u have a diagram for this application? Since the switch will be on the dash and the fog lights at the front of the car, the only location decision to be made concerns the relay. Off-road driving lights are typically activated by a separate switch and not linked to your high beams.

Hook up kc lights
Hook up kc lights

My hat is off to the author very nice accepting constructive criticism and learning like the rest of us. The power source for the relay is drawn from the low beam wire of the left headlight, speed dating nyc as noted above. Use a test light to confirm your power sources for both the relay and the switch.

Start with the ground connections for each component. The switch has two remaining terminals. After a few smoke-filled incidents I am much more careful. Do not add the crimped ends to any of the wires until all the wires are in place. Pictured is my wiring diagram for installing two fog lights with fuses, a switch, and a relay.

Off-Road Driving Lights

Drill a hole or use any preexisting holes to mount the relay. Sid Nau Kansas City, Missouri. Draw a diagram on plain white paper with wire gauge noted and colors identified.

General Wiring Diagram on how to wire 4 lights on 1 switch

To protect my gauge wiring I will be installing amp inline fuses. How to Use a Map and Compass. These can be mounted to your stock bumper, off-road bumper, or to a roof rack. Ric, Compliments on a well-written and informative article, but I have to offer one criticism. Finally, not attach the switch to the dash and the relay to its location.

Turn on the ignition and hit your switch. You can be assured that those lights have been tested in the toughest conditions. Each light should also have a ground wire connected to an earthing point or the chassis. Determine your usage to select the right light.

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Toggle the switch and see that the lights work properly. Basically, the relay protects the switch from getting hot and creating unwanted resistance. Your article was the only one that i found on the web with clear and simple instructions Cheers Nicholas Sydney Australia. The low current through the switch triggers the relay to make a higher current connection to the heavy load of the fog lights. Take some spanners and go for a drive.

You are now ready to move about the country! The fog lights are positioned first, the switch second, and the relay last. Some states have restrictions on where lights can be mounted, so contact your local road authority before you tackle this project. Can you tell me the specification for MkI Sprite lighting?

Hook up kc lights

This will ensure that you blow the fuse before you burn the wire. This wiring diagram will stay with the car so make it neat and easily readable. Study what the international rally and off-road racing teams use. With basic tools it can be accomplished in no time.

How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights

These are strictly for off-road night driving and not to be used on the street as they would blind any incoming drivers. Driving lights make nighttime driving safer by enhancing forward and peripheral vision, and they add value to your vehicle. Hi, I purchased a Moss relay kit for my headlights and it works great. If you purchased your relay from a reputable source, it will have numbered terminals, friend group hook which aid greatly in connecting everything correctly. Powerful lighting was necessary to illuminate the road ahead for potential hazards to be successfully identified and avoided.

General Wiring Diagram on how to wire 4 lights on 1 switch KC HiLiTES

Functionality remains the same. As I was coming around the mountain, all I saw was a single light. There are sharp folk out there! Keep wires close to an existing wire loom and be careful of loops and sagging wires, which may snag on a moving component of the car.

The relay location must be well protected. Most driving lights will come in a kit of two lights, fitting hardware, and a wiring loom. Relays are an important component in wiring fog or driving lights with a A draw. Use the T-piece connector to join to this wire.

  • My Volvo S may not be British, but it does use many components common to the cars of England.
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  • True fog lights, correctly used, are a fantastic asset during heavy snow falls.
  • Now you are ready to run your wires according to the wiring diagram.
How To Wire Fog And Driving Lights Harness Wiring Diagram

Harness Wiring

Find a long, quiet stretch of road and adjust the height of the beams to exactly where you want them. Your article was the only one that i found on the web with clear and simple instructions Cheers Nicholas Sydney Australia Reply. The switch will activate the driving lights when you turn on your vehicle's high beams. The reason is simple, blue the color identifies the purpose of each wire and if I ever have a problem I can track it down using my wiring diagram.

How to Install Your Own Driving Lights

How To Wire Fog And Driving Lights

What size Guage do I need? Wired to work separately or with front factory fogs. Nothing can do that in fog except maybe infrared or radar. Ensure a good connection by filing off any paint, rust, or grit from the earthing point. Driving lights and fog lights came about as car owners navigated the twisting turning by-ways of misty England.

Each component must be labeled. This must be done for the switch, the relay and each of the fog-lights. Choose a suitable place on your vehicle for the lights. How many fuses do I need and what size?

How to Install Your Own Driving Lights

Fortunately, doing it yourself is not as complicated as it sounds. Detailed and easy to follow, and a simple solution to a common question. Most vehicles have a pop-out-style compartment for mounting auxiliary switches, but you might need to drill a hole in the dash.

Tighten the adjusting bolts and you're done. If I understand correctly, you have the power for the new lights tapped off the low-beam source, and the power for the relay coming from the fuse-block. What You'll Need Choose a suitable place on your vehicle for the lights.

  1. Driving lights are typically rated in watts, or power usage, and the higher the wattage, the brighter the light.
  2. Would it be better to reverse them and have the new lights coming from the fuse-block and the switch wiring off the low-beam wire?
  3. Before cutting any wire, a good diagram is in order.
  4. There are many different brands out there, so look for a reputable manufacturer.
How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights Moss Motoring

This is best done at night so you can gauge the appropriate position of the lights for maximum visibility. Do I have to cut in to the wires at the head lamps to make the driving lights work? The fog lights are mounted and ready for power. Can I do this using one switch? Now, I better rewire my system.

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